The end of the year needs a correct farewell and what better thanks to end it than taking an excellent trip! When it involves cheap places to travel in December you would like to seem for an area that’s equally beautiful, amazing, enchanting, and affordable.

If you’re planning a visit in December then you would like to mention goodbye to the perception that “December trips are often costly.” Because it’s absolutely not the case!

As a matter of fact, traveling within the month of December can a reasonable and unforgettable experience for you. So, now you’re brooding about the simplest and cheap places to travel in December? Well, here you go!


Cheap Places to Travel in December

Montego Bay, Jamaica

The best part about Caribbean resort destinations is that they always have the simplest climate to welcome you throughout the year. this is often precisely the case when it involves Montego BAY. it’s an ideal climate in December and therefore the weather is soothing and pleasant.

It’s best to book your travels during the primary week of December. At this point of year you’ll get cheap prices on flights and resorts. Jamaica has its own unique feel and traveling enthusiasts absolutely fall CRAZY.


Cartagena, Colombia

Talking about cheap places to travel in December, Cartagena is certainly a requirement visit location. The season is nearly over at the beginning of December, and this suggests that the entire month gives you a PLEASING, smooth ride.

The weather cools down only enough to form it enjoyable, and therefore the lush beaches & resorts make this place even more alluring.

It’s also recommended to book this trip for the beginning of December. Don’t attempt to book right near the Christmas holiday if you would like to urge an honest deal.


Lima, Peru

one of the foremost affordable cities to go to in December. If you would like to explore the continent, Lima may be a great location to go TO.

The outdoor lifetime of this city is just mesmerizing, and it’s a color of its own – something that can’t be explained in just words.

The city offers amazing food, and therefore the ceviche dishes are notoriously famous among tourists. You’ll find good restaurants and cheap hotels. Another great point about this place aside from the climate and food is that the welcoming nature of the people. it’s a bent of giving a welcoming vibe to everyone who visits. One thing is needless to SAY, you’ll absolutely love this place, period!

When it involves cheap places to travel in December these 3 locations top the list. I even have provided links for every of the locations as resources to assist you extend your search further.

Happy Travels!!


Best Places to go to in Gilgit during Autumn

Shigar Valley and Shigar Fort in autumn

The other must-visit places in Skardu are Shigar Valley. the gorgeous Shigar Valley is found near the Shigar River, a 1-hour drive northeast of Skardu. you want to cross a scenic road to succeed in the charming village of Sigel. On your way, you’ll see many local architectural treasures, like the traditional wooden chanque Mosque and Shigar Fort. you’ll also get a glimpse of the normal Balti village life within the area.

Culture, history, ancient traditions, cool sandy beaches, blind lakes and delightful fortresses make this valley a beautiful place for tourists. Shigar Fort is one among the foremost famous historical monuments during this valley. This extraordinary building was inbuilt the 17th century. This historic fortress is additionally referred to as the Rocky Land and was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Award. Currently, the fortress is employed as a guest house, with 20 service rooms, and a hall to showcase Baltic culture to tourists.

Shangri-La Lake in autumn

Another beautiful spot on the list of tourist attractions in Skardu is Shangri-La Lake. Shangri-La Lake, also referred to as Upper Kachura Lake, is about 32 kilometers or 20 miles from the most city of Skardu. you’ll easily reach this sparkling lake during a 2-hour jeep drive.

The appearance of varied colorful flowers in spring adds more beauty to the scenery here. ADDITIONALLY, you’ll taste delicious apricots, apples and peaches freshly picked from nearby trees. ADDITIONALLY, to experience a cushty and opulent place, you’ll also stay within the luxurious Shangri-La Resort Hotel here. Here, you’ll also witness the unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Final words

In addition, you’ll find a really old mosque within the fort, which was inbuilt the first 16th century when Islam was introduced to the WORLD. This epic fortress in Skardu may be a seven-story building that has become a serious tourist attraction thanks to its history, art and architecture.

We highly recommend you to go to Skardu once in autumn for a tremendous experience. Autumn in Skardu starts in Mid-September to finish of the October. We hope to ascertain you soon in Skardu.


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